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Inviting Children to Create Caring Cards for Military Kids

Monday, April 13th, 2020

Support Military Families Asks for Digital Cards During COVID-19 Outbreak

MYRTLE BEACH, SC – As the Nation’s children adapt to all the changes brought on by COVID-19, families are looking for positive outlets and activities. Support Military Families invites children to encourage their peers through virtual cards. The children of military service members face a unique set of difficulties related to the effects of the Coronavirus outbreak, in addition to those encountered by the general public. It is in these struggles that Support Military Families invites kids to shine a ray of love and hope by writing thank-you cards to our Nation’s Littlest Heroes, the children of military families. Cards can be shared digitally by uploading pictures to Support Military Families Facebook page, @SupportMilFams.

Littlest Heroes
“The children of our Nation’s military members sacrifice every day for our benefit.” said Dr. Steven and Diane Rumley, co-founders of Support Military Families. “In the uncertainty of COVID-19, we want to let them know they are loved and supported. We are using our Caring Card Program to bring the children of our country together as they grow up in these unprecedented times. Our hope is that these digital cards will be an encouragement to the children who make them and the children who receive them.”

Create A Card
Content suggestions for the cards include saying thank you for all that military families do, drawing a happy picture, and using encouraging words. Participants can also make donations to the Caring Card Program online at: . The Caring Card Program has been a part of Support Military Families’ mission since the organization was founded over ten years ago. The Rumleys are challenging kids across the U.S. to create 1,000 cards for their project.

About Support Military Families: is a Christian non-profit organization created to serve military families with God’s love. SMF is committed to providing annual appreciation care packages for U.S. military spouses and their children, while raising awareness of their sacrifice at home.  Over the last ten years, SMF has grown into the largest Christian non-profit organization serving military families.


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