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Thursday, November 12th, 2015

Support Military Spouses had the honor and privilege to be featured on SMS was contacted by Terri Peters, a Contributor, in order to be interviewed to help provide more information on ways to help military families during their loved ones deployment. SMS is thrilled to be featured in such an empowering article and to be quoted alongside those that are currently a spouse, active duty, or are now a Veteran.

Diane Rumley, Co-Founder of Support Military Spouses, was quoted in two parts of the article, the quotes can be found in #3 and #5 of the article. The topic for #3 is “Be careful what you say.”
“It may seem obvious, but the number one complaint spouses have is to please not ask things such as, ‘Has your spouse been shot?’ or ‘Have they seen any action?’ The last thing the spouse wants to think about is combat,” said Rumley. “The second biggest complaint is when people ask, ‘Do you enjoy your husband being gone?’ or say, ‘You’re lucky to have that time away from him.’”

The topic for #5 is “Recognize their sacrifice.”
“A great thing to say to a spouse is, ‘We appreciate your sacrifice,’” said Rumley. “Many times, they have to hold down a family and a job while being away from their friends and family members. They often do not realize the sacrifice they are making, nor do others realize it. They absolutely appreciate being recognized for their efforts.”

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Support Military Spouses would like to thank for letting us be a part of this awesome article and we would also like to take this time to thank the past, current, and future veterans of today. Last but not least, we would like to give our appreciation and our encouragement to those spouses that are carrying the responsibilities of family, employment, finances, wounded warrior care, and the honoring of fallen heroes back home. Each and every one of you are appreciated and deserve all of the thanks, blessings and encouragement in the world.

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