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Ronald McDonald Joins SMS Push Up Challenge

Monday, September 28th, 2015

Ron McDonald

Like Ronald McDonald, Support Military Spouses wants you to join in and participate in the SMS Push Up Challenge. #PushUpsforSMS.

Support Military Spouses’ Push Up Challenge is a fun social media effort launched to raise money and awareness for the beneficial programs provided by SMS to the spouses of active duty military, all at no cost.

It’s simple to participate in the SMS Push Up Challenge:

  1. Accept The Push Up Challenge!

Then determine the amount of Push Ups you’re going to do, who you’re going to challenge, and the amount you’re going to donate to SMS for each Push Up.

  1. Capture it!

Have a video or photo taken of yourself completing the Push Up Challenge and then call out the other person(s) to participate in the challenge within 24 hours. Post your video/photo to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter with the hashtag #PushUpsforSMS.

  1. Give!

Go to to donate the amount that you pledged! Your donation helps us reach our goal to personally touch the lives of each military spouse in our country. We thank you!

“The SMS’ Push Up Challenge is a fun way for patriotic individuals to support military families,” said Dr. Steven & Diane Rumley, who co-founded Support Military Spouses six years ago.   “We are grateful that Ronald McDonald has taken the challenge.  We challenge others to join him to show military spouses that we understand their sacrifices on the home-front.”

Support Military Spouses is a Christian non-profit charity whose mission it is to help military wives and husbands as they shoulder the responsibility of family life. This is accomplished through SMS’ Care Package programs, Money Management Workshops, Job Skills Training and Military Spouse Job Fairs.

A portion of the donations raised will go towards SMS’ Military Spouse Care Packages. This is the nation’s only program of its kind, and is the flagship of Support Military Spouses.

Each year thoughtfully assembled Military Spouse Care Packages are given to deserving military wives and husbands serving on the home front. Items in the care package may include Hallmark stationery, Hallmark notepads, shower gel, coffee, Stella & Dot jewelry, a book of inspiration, manicure sets, a deck of cards, and a handwritten thank you note letting the spouses know how special they are. A New Testament is always included. Our present day goal is simple; to provide each of the nearly 750,000 military spouses with a Military Spouse Care Package annually.

“These care packages mean so much to the wives and husbands who are on the home front while their spouses fight for the freedoms we all enjoy,” Dr. Steven & Diane Rumley said.

Military Spouse Care Packages Appreciated

Samantha T. ~

“Last year was my first year to receive a box, my husband was deployed for the first time and I was going through a lot. When I received the box I went to my car and I cried, someone thanking me and acknowledging me meant so much. When I felt so alone and scared during my husband’s deployment Support Military Spouses made me feel appreciated, loved, and supported. I came again this year to receive another box, bringing a friend with me too. I appreciate what the people at Support Military Spouses do so much! Thank you for remembering us!”

Christina G. ~

“I received my first box today and I absolutely loved it. I just recently became a military spouse and have had a little trouble adjusting but it’s nice to have this support from others! Thank you so much for all that you do!!!!!”


Support Military Spouses acknowledges the help and support of all their community partners, and sponsors.  The generosity of Penske, Walmart Foundation, Wells Fargo, McDonald’s, Hallmark, American Bible Society, Stella & Dot, Fort Bragg Federal Credit Union, NCCFCU, Duke Energy Foundation, and the Fayetteville New Car Dealers’ Association ensures that thousands of deserving military spouses benefit from SMS programs at no cost to the families.


Support Military Spouses goal is to applaud the brave military wives and husbands who shoulder responsibilities of family, employment, finances, wounded warrior care, and the honoring of fallen heroes.  Our mission is achieved through patriotic volunteers, committed partners, and programs that educate and show appreciation for the sacrifice, patriotism and selflessness of military spouses.  Support Military Spouses is a Christian non-profit charitable organization.  For more information, visit, call 919-274-7344 or email [email protected].



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